Opening Address by Ken Allen AM, Founder and Chair Emeritus at the Advance Global Australian Awards 2012


Welcome honoured guests to the 2012 Advance Global Australian Awards and the celebration of the tenth anniversary of Advance. 

Welcome to all from the Federal and New South Wales Governments and to our fabulous sponsor the National Australia Bank. 

Welcome to all here tonight who make the global network of Australians working abroad a brain resource, and not a brain drain for Australia.

The million Australians living overseas are a brain resource so powerful that they cannot be ignored in a global market.

They are made up of global leaders in almost every country in the world and in almost every human endeavor - in biotechnology, in advanced manufacturing, in clean technology, in academia, in government, and the list goes on and on.

Our sisters, brothers, sons and daughters. All who need mentoring and to be connected back home to Australia.

I am more convinced today than I was ten years ago of the need for Australia to tap into this global resource if we are to excel in today's global world. 

We have much to teach but more to learn from the one million Australians working overseas. They want to be connected back home. 

Tonight we celebrate the remarkable achievements of some wonderful Australians living and working overseas with the promise to connect their talent and energy back to Australia.

May this Awards night grow into a spotlight on Australian talent, innovation and spirit to succeed in a global world. 

That spirit to succeed, in fact the Anzac spirit, that has made us what we are today.