Shaping tomorrow now: Conversations with Global Australian Game-changers

THURSDAY 13 MARCH @ 1.30pm – 5.30pm
Utzon Room, Sydney Opera House

Australia’s global game-changers, leaders and innovators convened in Sydney to exchange Ideas, and share their insights and best practice with Australian based leaders and experts.

The Summit gave attendees the chance to meet our amazing Advance Global Australian Award winners, amongst those considered to be the most innovative and original talent overseas and get to hear what they have learned about global leadership and innovation. 

The Forum also included conversations in the innovative conversation space THINKtent, beginning at 11am in the Joan Sutherland Foyer, just outside the Utzon Room. 

Forum Agenda

Registration opens at 1.30pm

MC: Serafina Maiorano, CEO, Advance

 Welcome - 1.40pm

 Ken Allen AM, Chairman Emeritus, Advance

 Keynote -1:45pm

 The Hon Mr John Howard OM AC, founding Patron of Advance and  former Prime Minister of Australia

 Conversation #1 - 2:00pm

 Why every leader should care about disruptive innovation

 We know technology is fast reshaping the way we live, work and  do  business. Yet the vastly more disruptive innovation is in how  people  and organisations  come together in this environment.

 Is your workplace shifting the deckchairs or leading cultural and  behavioural change in ways unimaginable a decade ago?

 Disrupting or disrupted? Where does your leadership stand?

 This highly interactive session will outline pathways for success in  the new competitive environment.

 Moderated by Joanne Gray, Editor of AFR BOSS magazine. 

 Featuring Mike Cannon-Brookes, Co-Founder and CEO,  Atlassian; Susan Ferrier, National Head of People, Performance &  Culture, KPMG; Rodin Genoff, Founder and Managing Director,  Rodin Genoff & Associates and Prue Clarke, Founder and  Executive  Director, New Narratives and 2014 Awards Winner for  Social  Innovation.

 7 Minute Master  Class - 2:45pm

 Making space travel as easy as catching a bus

 Featuring Chris Boshuizen, Co-founder and CTO, Planet Labs.  Inc.,  2014 Awards Winner for Advance Manufacturing.

 Networking  Coffee  Break - 2:55pm

 7 Minute Master  Class - 3:20pm

 To be globally competitive we must innovate. Is Australia in the  innovation race?

 Featuring Vikram Mehta, Chief Executive Officer, Kaazing, 2014  Awards Winner  for ICT.

 Conversation #2 - 3:30pm

 Is Australia too small for the ambitious?

 This debate-style conversation will bring some of the brightest  starts together to sound off on one of the most controversial  stories  that got Australia buzzing over the past few years. Hear  from both  sides - this panel will give it to you straight, with no  chaser.

 Moderated by Jenny Brockie, Gold Walkley award winning journalist  and presenter of SBS Insight program.

 Featuring Dr Richard Pestell, Founder, ProstaGene and AAA Phoenix  and 2014 Awards Winner for Biotechnology; Craig Davis,  entrepreneur, speaker and coach on creativity, innovation, design  thinking and conscious capitalism, Joe Skrzynski AO,  Founding  Partner of CHAMP Private Equity and Chairman of the  SBS Board of  Directors and Michelle Guthrie, Managing Director, Partner Business  Solutions, Asia at Google.     

 Conversation #3 - 4:20pm

 Let’s Talk about Sustainability in a World of Diminishing  Resources

 If organisations and communities hope to survive in a rapidly  changing world faced with diminishing resources, growth of the  human population, and other formidable challenges, they must  engage their great sources of knowledge, talent and innovation,  and  connect more purposefully to the social, economic,  environmental,  and cultural systems in which they live and do  business. They must create strategies for real sustainability.

 So how do we best tap our talent and make the step change needed to go from the 'take make dispose' economy to the circular economy where we recognise the true value and costs of resources?

 Moderated by Narelle Hooper, Co-chair of the Australian Financial  Review Westpac Women of Influence Awards.

 Featuring Andrew TannerChief EngineerTHINKnrg, 2014 Awards  Winner for Clean Technology and Kim McKay AO, incoming Director, Australian  Museum, author, entrepreneur and cofounder of Clean Up  Australia organisation and the Clean Up The World campaign.

Special Interview -  5:00pm

 Dare to imagine: Overcoming adversity on the global stage

 Gold Walkley award winning journalist Jenny Brockie sits down  with Senator Sekai Holland, 2014 Awards Alumni Winner.