"I just watched all the interviews and highlights of the awards. All the winners have fascinating stories and great they can be viewed thousands of miles away on a mine site in the Gobi desert!" - James Ridout, Commercial Manager, Hard Commodities, Noble Group

The Advance Global Australian Summit is the annual event that you need to attend to be informed and inspired about key industry trends and developments in Australia and globally. This year we covered where we’re excelling, where we need work, and how we need to adapt to stay relevant on a global stage – topics that could directly affect you and your business.

We heard from some of Australia’s most successful global players, learnt about disruptive business models and examined key trends with industry experts. We discussed disrupting the entertainment industry with one of Australia’s most promising global performers, explored disruptive business models with one of Australia's most famous technology entrepreneurs and engaged in discussions with international industry leaders on where Australia’s future is heading, and how you can take part, plus much more.

When: Friday October 21 2016 | 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM (AEDT)
Where: Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia

Check out photos from the day on the Advance Facebook Page and the sessions from the day on the Advance YouTube Channel:


8.30am - Registration

9.00am - 9.15am - Welcome
Welcome to Country - Millie Ingram
Program Outline - David Speers
Address - The Hon. Craig Laundy MP, Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation & Science

9.15am - 9.30am - Advance: The Bridge for Global Australian Talent and Innovation
Global CEO of Advance Serafina Maiorano and Craig Davis, Co-founder and CMO of Sendle, are both in the business of building successful, innovative brands with authenticity at their core. This session will delve into Advance’s raison d’etre, what it takes to build a loyal global community, the importance of staying true to your brand values in the face of growth opportunities, how Australia’s largest global innovation community acts as a catalyst and conduit for Australian cultural and economic growth and how are we doing at promoting ‘brand Australia.’ As a recent participant in the 2016 elevate61 program Advance delivers in partnership with KPMG, Craig is well placed to inform on the many business acceleration benefits the program affords in combination with the access to the global network of Australians that Advance fosters.

9.30am - 9.55am - Dealing with Disaster: Australia’s Humanitarian Disruptors

Meet two extraordinary women combating some of the world’s most harrowing circumstances. Since roller-blading into the centre of the chaos that ensued in New York on 9/11, Dr Alison Thompson OAM has devoted her time to helping those coping with disaster. Neima Candy, University of Newcastle Alumna, lead 100 staff members and 2,850 volunteers in fighting the Ebola epidemic that swept Liberia in 2014 and under her management, no Red Cross volunteer or staff member contracted Ebola. Jenny Brockie delves in to the careers of two of our inspiring 2016 Award winners to uncover what drives their commitment to humanitarian aid.  

9.55am - 10.20am - Global Competitiveness in the Age of Disruption - Staying on top of the Game
With board and advisory roles at CSIRO, SquarePeg Capital, NSW Transport and Jobs NSW as well as consulting work on innovation in Canberra David Thodey hasn’t exactly taken his foot off the pedal since stepping down as Telstra CEO last year. David joins Jenny Brockie for an intimate and candid discussion on how Australian companies should be embracing the global talent pool at its disposal in the Age of Disruption, the importance of embracing new technologies in a business setting and sharing experiences of his own journey.

10.20am - 10.30am - Advance 7 Minute Masterclass - Lynette Wallworth - Global Impact Through Art
Lynette Wallworth, 2016 Advance Global Australian Award Winner, The Arts, joins us from Utah where she is currently participating in The Sundance Institute New Frontier Jaunt VR Residency Program.

10.30am - 10.50am - Networking Break

10.50am - 11.20am - China’s Disruptive Business Models: What Can Australia Learn from the East?
Chinese companies are innovating through adopting disruptive business models and fast becoming one of the global leaders in innovation and market disruption. We find out from those at the coal face, what Australia can learn from China’s adaptation to meet the demands of a rapidly changing global marketplace. Featuring Mukund Narayanamurti, CEO, Asialink Business, Kee Wong, Managing Director, e-Centric Innovations, Deputy Chair, Asialink and Andrea Myles, Chief Instigator, CEO and Co-founder, China Australia Millennial Project.

11.20am - 11.50am - Australia –Are We Innovating or Stagnating?
Are we still the Lucky Country...or has our luck turned? The misappropriated nickname taken from Donald Horne’s book has come to represent very different qualities from those illustrated in the cult classic’s bleak observations of Australian society. Where is Australia punching above its weight and where does it need to focus its resources in order to remain globally competitive? Michelle Guthrie, Managing Director, ABC, Dr Larry Marshall, CEO, CSIRO  and Chris Boshuizen, Entrepreneur in Residence, Data Collective,  join David Speers on stage for a candid discussion on where Australia sits in terms of innovation and technology, broadcasting and entertainment, and education and employment. As an audience member you will be invited to submit your own questions and comments to our panel and a poll will be taken pre and post- discussion to determine whether the audience believes Australia is Innovating or Stagnating.

11.50am - 12.10pm - The Art of Disruption: Australians Disrupting the Global Entertainment Industry
Betty Who is an Australian singer-songwriter and musician based in New York City, signed to RCA Records. An Australian artist/curator/entertainer discusses the Culture Of Creativity in Australia, balancing how the digital revolution has changed the playing field for Australian artists to establish themselves on the global stage.

12.10pm - 12.40pm - The Humanity of Technology: Engineering New Connections
The first person who will live to be 1000 years old is already alive today. Driverless cars will revolutionise accessibility for the growing aged population. A sun-powered revolution is on its way thanks to solar technology and home batteries. We will be able to scan and treat ourselves for disease with our mobile phones. Our need for human connection is not going to change but how and what we relate with each other is set to change as new technical horizons are approaching. The way that everyday objects collect and use data is going to radically change the way we live, get a glimpse of how, in this candid discussion with Dr Genevieve Bell, Corporate Sensing & Insights, Corporate Strategy Group Intel Corporation, and Emad Tahtouh, Director of Applied Technology, Finch, moderated by Jenny Brockie

12.40pm - 1.05pm - Building An Australian Unicorn
In Conversation with David Speers, Mike Cannon Brookes, Co-founder and Co-CEO of software company Atlassian, discusses how the company successfully disrupted the global tech industry and how Australia can create the right environment for more unicorns to flourish here at home.

1.05pm - 1.15pm - Vote of Thanks
Maile Carnegie, Group Executive - Digital Banking, ANZ

1.15pm - 2.30pm - Networking Lunch

2.30pm - Summit close

We were thrilled to be joined on the day by extraordinary Australians and alumni of Australian universities including: