2015 Advance Global Australian Awards and Summit Highlights

While we get in to gear for the 2016 Awards & Summit this October, we're also taking the time to think back to this time last year; the 2015 Awards. If you haven't already, we encourage you to read through some of the amazing highlights - it is truly inspiring, and a great reminder of what a fantastic day it is. 


Sustainability, sports, the art of establishing a great restaurant, creativity in the digital age, human genome mapping, robotics, politics, technological innovation, education, video game design. Australians are at the forefront of some of the most exciting and innovative industries and developments around the world and we brought them together to share their insights and celebrate their achievements at the 2015 Advance Global Australian Awards and Summit held at the Sydney Opera House on Monday 14 September.

The events provided a unique opportunity to bring together Australians and Australian alumni from around the world and hailing from a diverse range of disciplines, to engage in candid discussion on how innovative Australia really is; what the opportunities are back at home for returning Australians, the benefits of hiring a diverse workforce, and how some of Australia's most sucessful companies have adopted an international approach to growing their brands and teams. The Summit and Awards provide an important platform for Advance members living around the world to be able to share the knowledge they have gained overseas whilst also reconnecting with home.

Australia Channel partnered with us to record and air the content of both events and the full panel session videos can be viewed here. The Summit and Awards Gala dinner photos can also be viewed on ourFacebook page.

By looking at global trends in various sectors as experienced by those who have lived both in Australia and overseas, we can better understand where Australia sits in the world and which areas we need to focus on in order to remain globally competitive. Cameron Hepburn's presentation on Disruptive Energy Technologies provided great food for thought on where the world is headed from an energy perspective and the wider implications of the shift from fossil fuels to renewables.  

Dr Carolyn McGregor AM shared with the audience how her work in analysing the big data around premature babies' vital signs can provide them with a better chance at life, and how the same approach to big data can help astronauts better manage their health so they can make great discoveries when they go on missions to Mars and beyond. 

Greg Norman AO's gracious speech as he accepted his 2015 Advance Global Icon Award highlighted how much talent is brought together in one room at the Advance Global Australian Awards Gala Dinner.

“For me to be standing here on this podium tonight with all the intellect that is in this room - those from the medical world to the industrial world to intellectual property to computers to agriculture to finance to environmental to humanitarian [efforts] and all I did was hit a shitty little golf ball from point A to point B fairly well.”

Greg went on to relay how one of his first experiences in a sports club in Europe was being turned away from the changing room due to professional golfers being barred as they were perceived as elitist. That experience armed him with the resolve to promote the game around the globe as an inclusive sport and he set out to teach the world that golf is truly a game that you can play on a global front and not an elitist sport.

With over 18 businesses in operation under his company Great White Shark Enterprises, Greg was also well placed to discuss How Can Brand Australia Help You Go Global?

With an estimated one million of our fellow nationals living overseas who still call Australia home, not to mention over two million Australian Alumni who recall their time studying in the country with fondness, Australia has a hugely important IP resource at its fingertips it should be regularly tapping in to. Advance aims to do this through all of our programs as the country moves to mining of a different kind - mining its human resources.