Meet The 2016 Advance Global Australian Award Mentees

Creating opportunities and reinvesting in the next generation of Australian talent is something that gets Advance out of bed every day. We are so passionate about creating a platform to encourage the exchange of knowledge, connectivity and ideas to help inspire and empower global Australians, and we want to instill this mentality in the young Australians that are our future – the individuals who will keep Australia innovative and agile.

The Advance Global Australian Awards do more than recognise outstanding Australians for their work across multiple fields. They also connect current Australian university students with some of the most prominent, successful and influential Australians for a 12-month, one-on-one Mentoring Program, to better their skills and experiences for a successful career.

Today, we're so excited to announce the mentees who have been selected for the 2016 Mentoring Program. Throughout the 12-month initiative, they will be granted the invaluable opportunity to develop their professional clarity and self-awareness, and gain industry specific knowledge and experiences to become a future leader.

Prasanna Lakshmi Abbaraju: Life Sciences / University of Queensland
Brandon Bloom: Advanced Manufacturing / Monash University
Thomas Brown: Social Impact / University of Adelaide
Cathy Chen: Food and Agriculture / University of Western Sydney
Benjamin Gill: Education / Australian National University
Marc Heimsch: Advanced Manufcaturing / RMIT University
Tessa Marshall: Alumni / University of Melbourne
Tahlia Rossi: Financial Services / Griffith University
Aidan Slack: Technology Innovation / Monash University