Applications for the 2019 Advance Awards mentoring program will be open soon - stay tuned.

For more information on the eligibility criteria, mentors, and reasons to apply, refer to the 2019 Mentoring Program guidelines here.

Meet the exceptional individuals who have been selected in previous years here.


Who should apply? 

  • The program is open to all last year undergraduate and postgraduate students studying at an Australian university

  • Self-motivated individuals seeking to continuously promote personal development.

Why should you apply? 

  • Advice on his/her career path

  • Access to a top leader in your industry giving you an edge in your professional career

  • Opportunity to gain clarity and self-awareness with the aim of being a future innovative leader

  • International experience and industry knowledge from a top global Australian leader

About the mentors 

  • Mentors are the Advance Award winners - outstanding global Australians who have been selected based on his/her professional achievements/success overseas in their chosen field

  • Not all Advance Award winners will be able to mentor

Selection process 

  • Complete online application

  • Applications are reviewed by Advance and Advance Award mentors

  • You will be selected based on your demonstrated success in your field, achievements, interests, community involvement and alignment with our winners

  • Make sure to express your enthusiasm and energy for learning, growth, your ability to lead!

  • Approximately 8-10 mentees will be selected to participate

  • Interviews and selection process will be undertaken

How the program works 

  • The mentee will schedule regular mentoring sessions (via Skype and emails) over a 12-month period,

  • You will work together on a key project or to resolve/discuss up to three key issues

  • Opportunity to attend the high profile Advance Awards

  • Advance will facilitate the process and connection

Feedback from mentees

"I always wanted to have a mentor relationship, but I didn’t know how to go about asking someone or finding someone that would fit for me. Advance gave me the opportunity to make connections and build a network globally. Even among the Mentees, we are still in touch! The support from Advance to be part of a peer network and join international leaders was amazing." Thomas Brown, 2016 mentee, mentored by Dr Alison Thompson OAM (Ambassador of the Haitian Ministry of Environment and Founder, Third Wave Volunteers, 2016 Social Impact Award Winner

“My mentor encouraged me to think globally and ambitiously right from the beginning. I'm now the Founder and CEO of 2Mar Robotics. We make robots to improve people's lives. My mentor helped me avoid losing a lot of my money along the way, so that I am still able to research and design robots to manufacture every day.” - Marita Cheng, 2013 mentee, mentored by Peter Le Lievre (Co-Founder and CEO of Chromasun), 2013 Advanced Manufacturing Award Winner

"Vikram has accelerated my personal and professional development far more than I could have expected and I cannot thank him enough. I hope that we can continue to work together in years to come.” –Victor Brooker, 2014 mentee, mentored by Vikram Mehta (CEO of Kaazing) 2014 Technology Innovation Award Winner

“The opportunity to talk with Andrew regularly about the challenges he faces and how he sees clean technology solutions changing, has given me the sense and courage to pursue a career in this industry. Andrew’s overseas experience and view have been critical and I have now been invited by the World Bank to pursue my initiatives.” – Paul Newbury 2014 mentee, mentored by Andrew Tanner (VP of Geli) 2014 Clean Technology Award Winner