A big thank you to all the students who applied!

Every year, as a part of the Advance Global Australian Awards, we offer the chance for final-year University students to get a substantial leg up to kick-start their careers.

We carefully match the successful applicants with one of our Industry Award Winners, for a 12-month, one-on-one Mentoring Program, to develop skills for professional clarity, self-awareness, and a successful career. 

Meet the Mentees from previous years here.

Feedback from mentees

“My mentor encouraged me to think globally and ambitiously right from the beginning. I'm now the Founder and CEO of 2Mar Robotics. We make robots to improve people's lives. My mentor helped me avoid losing a lot of my money along the way, so that I am still able to research and design robots to manufacture every day.” - Marita Cheng, 2013 mentee, mentored by Peter Le Lievre (Co-Founder and CEO of Chromasun), 2013 Advanced Manufacturing Award Winner

"Vikram has accelerated my personal and professional development far more than I could have expected and I cannot thank him enough. I hope that we can continue to work together in years to come.” –Victor Brooker, 2014 mentee, mentored by Vikram Mehta (CEO of Kaazing) 2014 Technology Innovation Award Winner

“The opportunity to talk with Andrew regularly about the challenges he faces and how he sees clean technology solutions changing, has given me the sense and courage to pursue a career in this industry. Andrew’s overseas experience and view have been critical and I have now been invited by the World Bank to pursue my initiatives.” – Paul Newbury 2014 mentee, mentored by Andrew Tanner (VP of Geli) 2014 Clean Technology Award Winner

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