Candidates were judged on their demonstrated leadership, vision, action and innovation in their field. Award nominees were evaluated against five (5) main criteria: 

  1. Demonstrated excellence in their field.
  2.  Demonstrated innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship. Extent to which impact was achieved by conceiving of and performing work in new and creative ways.
  3.  Demonstrated significant impact or contribution in their relevant fields.
  4.  Capacity for innovation to contribute to a more socially and economically inclusive Australia.
  5.  Demonstrated capacity to act as an inspirational Global Australian role model abroad.

Judges also gave consideration to: 

  • Personal, academic and professional achievements.
  • Contribution to the Australian and global communities.
  • Voluntary work beyond paid employment.
  • Nature and length of activity or service.
  • Availability and commitment to promote Advance and the Award in the year(s) following their award at a minimum of two events in the year following.
  • Availability and commitment to contribute to the mentoring of a university student for a 12 month period.
  • While no upper age limit is stipulated, preference will be given to those who have made and are still making a major contribution in their field.