We’re looking for people making a positive impact in the community through work in social innovation within the for profit, non profit or public sector.

Your work can include new strategies, concepts, ideas and organisations that meet social needs, such as social enterprise, corporate social responsibility, education, community development, the environment, or health care.

Individuals working in this field could be working on open source methods and techniques, innovation with a social purpose (like microcredit or distance learning), social entrepreneurship or other areas of social innovation that have a demonstrated positive impact on society.

Previous winners include Andrew Harper, Innovation Lead, UNHCR, Dr Alison Thompson OAM, Ambassador of the Haitian Ministry of Environment and Founder, Third Wave Volunteers, Hugh Evans, CEO, Global Poverty Project, Prue ClarkeFounder and Executive Director of New Narratives, Jeremy Heimans, Co-Founder and CEO of Purpose.com, Sotheary Ly, Executive Director of Healthcare Center for Children (HCC), and Brett Solomon, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Access.

Learn more about past winners on the Advance YouTube channel!